What we offer

ASDIC Metamorphosis provides antiracism dialogue experiences that build awareness, knowledge, communication across structures of domination, motivation and commitment. All workshops conclude with individual and collective planning for racial justice, with participants transferring the knowledge learned into the contexts of their own lives. ASDIC assists host organizations in developing concrete implementation plans, empowering participants with the motivation and skills to create a new, racially just society.

ASDIC offers a wide range of services to businesses and organizations seeking to improve their capacity and competence in interacting with communities and individuals of color, seeking to reduce institutional racial disparities, and wishing to more fully embody their moral concern for racial justice and for justice and equity in structures, policies, decisions and practices. This work requires addressing underlying assumptions, perspectives, and practices arising out of the of U.S. racial legacy.

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What we do

ASDIC helps you and others explore your own formation as “raced” persons within the system of U.S. racism. Our aim is to transform your understanding of racism and white privilege and inspire you to help create a more racially just world. We promote a non-judging environment and use a carefully designed curriculum that builds relationships of mutual understanding and empathy. We offer dialogue circles, workshops, a cultural self-assessment, and customized experiences to:

  • Educate you about racism and white privilege.
  • Build community, relationships, and empathy between people of differing backgrounds through dialogue and storytelling about race and racism.
  • Transform you, helping you develop the skills and confidence to talk about racism, directly address racism in your communities and place of work, and create your own individual action plan.

Join us

ASDIC has facilitated more than 150 workshops and dialogue groups with more than 2,200 community participants, including teachers, students, nonprofit and government staff, and members of religious organizations. We schedule training sessions throughout the year at our home at Cherokee Park United Church, 371 Baker Street West in Saint Paul. We will also come to your organization to offer customized services.

ASDIC continues to grow. More than 40 people have received advanced training to become ASDIC facilitators. These facilitators are helping ASDIC expand our work.

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