January 26 & 27, 2018: Addressing Problematic Race-Related Beliefs: Sleight of Mouth Patterns & Practice

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Want to learn a delightful way to loosen boundaries individuals have built up around issues of race? Desire to explore additional techniques for responding to racially insensitive remarks?

Messages about ourselves and others, received and internalized, form a person’s cognitive map and become solidified into a certainty through social reinforcement. These cognitive maps define and limit our horizons of thinking and feeling, providing certainty about what is real. White-framed thinking is an entrenched worldview for many. How do we loosen racialized certainties so that people are able to entertain challenging antiracist perspectives and alternative ways of seeing and knowing? In our two-session workshop, using questions derived from Cartesian Logic, we will learn and practice Sleight of Mouth techniques as a tool for unbinding racial certainty, deflecting and rechanneling hostile or defensive speech, and deepening reflective, critical thinking.

Join us as we learn, practice and share ways to address racially biased speech as it occurs in our daily lives.

Workshop Purpose:

Learn and practice facilitative communication skills, including critical analysis, skills of interrogation, relationship formation, and problem analysis

Introduce participants to Sleight of Mouth patterns and their application to race-related communication and statement analysis

Identify SOM patterns and distinguish one from another

Use each SOM pattern in addressing a particular problematic race-related statement

Use SOM patterns as critical tools to explore the meaning a race-related statement has for the speaker

Use SOM patterns to enable the speaker to have greater awareness of the belief underlying their statement

Use SOM patterns to enable the speaker of race-related statements to have greater comprehension of how the statement is problematic

Provide sociological resources to identify the underlying  racial ideology supporting problematic belief statements

Date & Time:

Friday, January 26, 2018, 5:30-8:30pm (with registration and refreshments at 5:15pm). Doors open at 5pm. Saturday, January 27, 8:30am to 12:30pm (with refreshments at 8:15am).


371 Baker Street West, Saint Paul MN 55107 (accessible building)


$70 for Individual Participants or $220 for Staff Development Participants. Need-based scholarships are available. Certificates of Completion for Continuing Education Units available on request.

ASDIC workshops are not religious in nature and are open to all.



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