Congregational Leadership Development Series

Course Offerings for 2019-2020

We invite you to join other interfaith congregational leaders in Minnesota to participate in Antiracism Study Dialogue Circle’s leadership development workshops.

Today, clergy and lay congregational leaders conduct their ministries from within institutions that carry forward the legacy of race beliefs in America. This racial legacy, both internalized in individuals and manifested in institutional life, can often hinder effective leadership. To work effectively across boundaries of ethnicity, culture, and race, leaders of a congregation need a particular set of knowledges and skills, including knowledge about the legacy of race and our socialization into race thinking and practices, as well as practice in critical and open-minded thinking, in empathetic understanding of the impact of our racial legacy on all who live in this society, and in honest reflection on what we ought to do now. Antiracism Study Dialogue Circle trainings provide a place to build this set of knowledges and skills.

Antiracism Study Dialogue Circles (ASDIC) provide continuing and professional development education in socio-cultural diversity. Our workshops equip participants with understandings, tools, and practices to identify and develop strategies to address privilege and structural racism in their lives and institutional settings. We do this via the ASDIC curriculum, modeling critical analysis as facilitators and supporting ongoing action plans through mentorship and consulting. 

ASDIC programs help participants explore their own formation as “raced” persons within American system of racism. Antiracism Study Dialogue Circle trainings are intensive, interactive groups that form community to study and dialogue for a designated time, whether over a few hours, days, or weeks. Notably, they promote a non-judging environment and use a carefully designed curriculum that builds relationships of mutual understanding and empathy, forming deep and lasting connections.

Crossing Cultural Boundaries: Understandings, Skills, and Practice

A year-long series in four parts

This leadership development workshop will examine the complex factors influencing how we interpret others, including social location (race, class, gender, culture, sexuality, locality, beliefs), psychology (intentions, needs, pre-definitions), and how we understand our setting (the nature of an event and significance of an activity). We'll practice the cross-cultural communication skills of perceiving and responding while increasing our awareness of the ways our socialization and social location affect our perceptions, interpretations, feelings, and behaviors.

Part I: Fall

October 3, 2019

  • Intensive Dialogue on Socialization

  • Relationships, Structures, Ideation of Socialization

  • Receiving, Experiencing, and Using Interpretive Frames

  • The Context of Socialization: Impact on Perceiving and Responding

Part II: Winter

December 5, 2019

  • Cross-Cultural Communication Skills and Practice

  • Social Construction, Language, and Culture

  • Encountering Ourselves, Encountering the Other

  • Cultural Humility: Recognizing the Limits of our Cultural Understanding

Part III: Spring

April 2, 2020

  • Internalizing the Race Narrative: Fears and Hopes

  • The Experience of Race

  • The Danger of the Single Story

  • The Race Story that Social Structure Tells

  • Knowledge and Power Supporting Story

  • Socialization into Whiteness and White Privilege: Reflection and Exploration

  • Self-Understanding from Presentations and Images

  • Confronting Idea Frameworks

Part IV: Summer

June 4, 2020


This workshop is a four-part series. Though we recommend registering for all four sessions as a unit, if you are only able to make a portion of the workshop, you can register for individual sessions.

Dates: Thursdays 10/3/19, 12/5/19, 4/2/20, 6/4/20 from 2pm-5pm

Location: Cherokee Park United Church, 371 Baker Street West, St Paul, MN 55107

Cost: $300 for four-part series, or $80 for individual session. Please mail checks to “ASDIC” at 190 George St W, St Paul, MN 55107.

Questions? Contact us at, or call us at 612-558-0452.


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