Intercultural Development Inventory

The IDI is a tool to help assess the cultural competency of individuals and teams, and to outline developmental needs and opportunities. ASDIC is a certified administrator of the IDI and can both connect you with the test and interpret your results.

The 50-question IDI survey can be taken online and takes about 20 minutes. It places you, your team members, and your team as a whole on a continuum of cultural competence using six stages: Denial, Polarization, Minimization, Acceptance, Adaptation, and Cultural Disengagement.

Some people use the IDI as the starting point for their work. We can help you with follow-up consulting, planning, and training toward intercultural personal and team growth. For those who want to continue to work with ASDIC, the IDI helps us target our training. We have developed workshops that correspond to the six IDI profile levels.

See the video below for more information about the IDI:

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