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Overcoming Racism Conference

This year’s conference theme is Overcoming Racism: Awakening, Woke, Taking Command. 
Awakening: Seeing, naming and deconstructing the dominant racial narratives. This step is about education and dialogue. It means awakening to the history of colonialism/ (If you don’t know the history, you can’t see it repeating itself.) It means awakening to the white racial frame and white privilege. It means waking up to the histories and narratives of other peoples and cultures and valuing them.

Woke: Awakening is a first step, but it’s easy to slip back into habits of silence, numbness, and not-seeing racism. This step is about vigilance and preparedness. We can stay awake to how racism surfaces in our everyday life and have confidence in our ability to respond. People who are truly “woke” carry a strong responsibility to act.

Taking Command: Learning the skills to undo racism, seeing the opportunities to undo it and applying our skills to the challenges at hand. This step is about building skills, courage and leadership.

FREC sees these stages as fluid and non linear. We all are constantly awakening. Depending on the issue and context, people can be in each stage of growth.