Dear Friends,
Due to conflicts with several other conferences during the week of May 4, we've decided with the guidance of friends and advisors to postpone the "Becoming an Antiracist & Multicultural Faith Community" Conference to later in the year. We're hoping to get it off the ground in the fall, but depending on circumstances it may happen at the beginning of next year. We expect to convene a larger, more diverse group of speakers and participants with this postponement. There will likely be other changes to come, but the theme of the conference and its overarching goals will remain the same.

We hope you can join us later in the year and will release the new date in the coming months. Please let us know if you'd like to be involved in the organization or planning of the larger conference we envision.

Kind regards,

Executive Director
ASDIC Metamorphosis

May 4 Conference: Becoming an Antiracist, Multicultural Faith Community

This May, join us for an interfaith forum of experiences and best practices toward becoming an antiracist, multicultural faith community. Experienced interfaith congregational leaders will share practical ideas, lessons learned, challenges faced, and resources available for creating and maintaining an antiracist, multicultural community of faith. Presentations from, and Q&A with, faith leaders experienced in antiracist, multicultural leadership.

Workshop Focus:

  • Brief accounting of the acts, events, decisions, rationalizations, worldview, and practices contributing to the ethnic and racial segregation in our common life and faith communities
  • Experiences, contexts, and motivations for becoming an antiracist, multicultural community
  • Principles of success in, and major obstacles to, becoming an antiracist multicultural community
  • Process of creating and maintaining an antiracist, multicultural community
  • Personal and congregational planning for becoming an antiracist, multicultural community
  • Available resources and tools

Date & Time

Thursday, May 4, 2017

9am to 4pm



Cherokee Park United Church

371 Baker Street West

St Paul, MN 55107



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